Our many years of experience gives us a unique advantage in developing appraisals and estimates.

RTEX Rail uses the latest technology to track ninety percent of all the locomotives and freight cars listed in the U.S. and Canada. It is updated daily as we monitor and take part in transactions. This means we remain up to the minute on trends throughout the industry.

Our appraisals are so accurate that our services are routinely called on by leading financial institutions and by courts of law to provide expert testimony in legal cases.

“Desktop” Appraisals

Sometimes you just have to make a quick decision on a pending deal, with no time for a field inspection. In those cases, we can give you a “desktop” appraisal that is the most accurate available anywhere. And we can do it in a surprisingly short time. It will give you a range of valuations based on varying conditions of the equipment so you can base your business decision on real-world figures that only RTEX Rail can assemble.

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