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Rebuilt M96QC Remote Control designed for Locomotive application Configured with standard 27 pin AAR MU connector System to include: Aluminum Controller with 4 paddles, Portable Receiver/Decoder in aluminum enclosure, Portable Relay/Pneumatic Interface Assembly, Antenna Assembly and all associated hoses.

Rebuilt: 2012 Model: I-4499 EMD P/N: 5526269 Size: 36″ Volts: 106.6 Amps: 12 H.P.: 1560 Sales Price is $2,350 OUTRIGHT

Engine: 16-645C Main Generator: D12/D14, Aux. Generator: 18KW Air Brake: 26L Traction Motors: D77s’ or better Wiring: Excellent Wheels: 2″ Air Compressor: Gardner Denver WBO Ditch Lights: Front & Rear MU: Yes Hot Start System: Yes Locomotive is in good running condition and ready for service. Cattron MP96QC Remote Control can be offered as well.

Model 3CDLOW, Remanufactured in 2013 and hasn’t been used. Low Base, Double Shaft, Air Cooled Air Compressor. Priced at $4,500 OUTRIGHT.

Reconditioned Gardner Denver WBO, low base, double shaft air compressor

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